2kronor Hostel is located in the Vasastan neighborhood, north of Norrmalm. Norrmalm had in the 1800s very poor social, hygienic and sanitary conditions. Stockhomls population grew by 50% during the years 1880-1889, of which Norrmalms population grew by over 120%, and thus began Norrmalm grow north of the country, the part that today is called Vasastan. 1886 made a proposal on the street subdivision of the countryside north of Norrmalm in order to improve communications, reduce barriers to the spread of fire and to give Stockholm a design worthy of a big city. Rolemodel were Paris, Vienna and Berlin. The city plan for Vasastan settled in 1890

The House

2kronor hostel's house was built in 1865 by architect CN Söderberg and the constructor was FW Frögren. The house was built as a residential building and an interior renovation took place in 1881. The house was built before the street's increase to the current level. It saved shaft front facade has a coating of paving stone and separated by iron fences from the late 1800's. When we, the family Schoenberg, took over in 2009, we re-built from an office house to hostel. We are very happy and proud to be the operator of 2kronor Hostel in this nice, old house and give the opportunity to welcome you as a guest!

The Street - Surbrunnsgatan

The name comes from this formerly was a surbrunn, whose waters were considered to be both "healthy and useful in providing more diseases" especially formic acid would be good for rheumatism. The well that gave the street its name is mentioned as Norrmalms Surbrunn of Capellanen at St. Olaf, Petter Muhr, a highly in the congregation, at Surbrunns-street, busy waste area. 1767 damaged the source vein and then stops itself well drink none, but after the source dried up went still here, even then just for fun. Already in 1710 the street got its name Surbrunnsgatan