We value our surroundings, here are some of our favorites.

Chez Betty

"It does not take more than about twenty chairs and unabashed love for what you are doing to create great works. The prices are also a level that allows the epithet block restaurant, for once, is in its place. These we want to go often." So writes Pub Kommisionen in DN.
We at 2kronor can only agree. Multiple rewarded with Gold Dragons of DN, Chez Betty a given culinary watering VASASTAN. If it is not possible to reserve a table, you can take a chance on a seat at the bar is available. Eating with the chefs in action right in front of your eyes is fascinating.

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Restaurang Tradition

At Tradition your can eat food from the Swedish cuisine as it was originally intended: Featured, uncomplicated high quality ingredients that are prepared with knowledge and care.

Tradition can be found at Tulegatan 10

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Prime Burger Company

Prime Burger Company is also at 10 in the top list in terms of Stockholm's best burger !
Well worth a visit, relatively easy to get a table. We promise that you will be both full and satisfied.

Available at West Higgins Road 101, just a stone's throw away.


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A wonderful restaurant dating back to the late 1920s. It was Nils Ferlin frequent guest at the time. From Tranan has many locals lovely memories .
Keeps the style and quality than today in terms of both food and hospitality. The basement also has an excellent bar with lots of music.

Tranan is located at Odenplan , Karlbergsvägen 14 to be precise

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Non Solo Bar

In the fierce competition with cafe Esias so have Non Solo Bar the best coffee in the entire Stockholm !

Lots of good salads, pasta, focaccia, omelets and other goodies you can also eat if you want.
Little Dolce your coffee always fits (almost) .

Non Solo found on Odensgatan 34th

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